Documents, whether personal or proprietary, are some of the most delicate of objects and materials to require damage restoration – they may also be the most important to the individual owner(s) or business(es).  Document Restoration encompasses the recovery of medical (such as laboratory records or x-rays), legal (such as client/attorney agreements), historical (such as museum displays or library texts), and photographic type records and documents.

Damaged documents require immediate action and careful attention.  DAI Restore respects the importance of these maintained and valued items—our restoration experts have been trained to treat each item with the utmost care when responding, and throughout the restoration process.  All HIPPA and confidentiality laws are followed, and whether historically valuable, a collector’s item or sentimental, every damaged object will be treated as irreplaceable.

As specialists in document damage restoration, we’re committed to using only the best state-of-the-art drying machines and techniques to help ensure that your documents are restored to a usable condition as fully as possible.  We cannot express enough that time is of the essence and the sooner the restoration call is made, the easier it is for the restoration process.  Home and business owners often lose hope if their documents have become soaking wet, but fortunately, if no time is wasted, these items can be salvaged.