COVID 19 / Disinfecting

Disinfecting Services

The health and safety of both your loved ones at home and your coworkers at your place of business are surely paramount, everyday concerns.  Unfortunate yet common threats to the health and well being of yourself and those you surround yourself with are the unseen fungi, bacteria, and viruses in your enclosed environments.  DAI is here to help create and/or keep your home or business hygienic, sanitary, and free of harmful airborne and surface-settled pathogens.

DAI provides cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting services that aid in the control and elimination of viral and infection-causing pathogens.  These services are provided to private and commercial buildings and warehouses, schools, medical/healthcare facilities, first-response departments, food and hospitality service areas, and residentially.

The protocol for these types of services may vary depending if the treatment is for prevention, a suspected case of virus or infection, or if there has been a confirmed case of infection.  DAI will work with you to determine a customized process to your disinfection needs.

While a home or business may very well be kept clean, decontaminating fully requires specialty tools, equipment, and chemicals that can only be provided by professionals.

DAI Restore is a New England based disaster restoration company that provides emergency response, and complete outbreak decontamination; along with preventative maintenance and deep cleaning throughout the Northeast and Nationally.


DAI’s response team members are expertly trained to quickly and effectively remediate dangers to the public’s health. DAI’s training is based on IICRC and OSHA standards, and with the highest regard to biosecurity principles for a safe and effective outcome.


DAI offers 24-hour emergency response with the ability to perform decontamination for a variety of clients and/or industries, with experienced crew members of varying levels of expertise and capabilities to quickly eradicate contamination issues and return our clients’ business(es) back to every-day functionality as soon as possible.


DAI uses an EPA registered, hospital-grade decontaminant and disinfectant, which is also used as a cleaner and disinfectant for our own equipment, as well as residentially for remediation. The product DAI uses has been proven to kill over 99.99% of designated test microorganisms required for claims of hospital disinfectant effectiveness (e.g. Coronavirus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Salmonella choleraesuis, Staphylococcus aureus plus Methicillin Resistan S. aureus, Escherichia coli, Influenza A virus, HIV Type 1, Trichophyton mentagrophytes & Candida albicans). This product uses a botanical disinfectant formula suitable for all hard surfaces in restoration, decontamination and remediation. The product is non-toxic, using a non-rinse formula safe for residential, medical, and commercial applications; such as:


  • health care facilities
  • food prep and storage facilities
  • hospitals
  • nursing homes
  • medical/dental/veterinary facilities and offices
  • schools/daycares/nurseries
  • kitchens and bathrooms
  • household contents
  • remediation equipment
  • food preparation surfaces and equipment


Documentation of pre and post testing by a third-party Industrial Hygienist is available upon request by the client.

Below is an example of DAI’s Disinfection and Decontamination Workplan for COVID-19:

Decontamination Procedure in compliance with OSHA, EPA and IICRC S520:


  1. 1st Application: EPA registered agent using a fogger or Electrostatic sprayer.
  2. 2nd Application: EPA registered agent to all high-touch surfaces
  3. All visible contaminated materials (surfaces) are properly wet wiped.
  4. HEPA vacuum all surfaces in contaminated areas.


Personal Protective Equipment in compliance with OSHA regulations:


  1. All employees shall follow OSHA biological hazard regulations and protocols. All lead technicians working for DAI are OSHA certified.
  2. All employees shall wear personal protective equipment, Level C, throughout the entire decontamination process (OSHA).
  3. Level C-The concentration (s) and type (s) of airborne substance (s) is known and the criteria for using air purifying respirators are met.
  4. List of Level C Equipment-Full-face or Half-Face-Mask air purifying respirators (NIOSH approved), Hooded chemical resistant clothing (overalls; two-piece chemical-splash suit; disposable chemical-resistant overalls), Coveralls, Gloves (outer chemical resistant), Gloves (inner chemical resistant, Boots (outer, chemical resistant, Boot covers (outer chemical resistant disposable), Hard hat, Escape Mask and Face shield.
  5. In confirmed cases of exposure, a staging area for donning and removing PPE will be put into place.


Waste Disposal:

All biological waste shall be properly transported and disposed of by a licensed, registered hazardous waste disposal company (Stericycle).


**This work plan was established with recommendations by an Industrial Hygienist (Lynn Serpa of CLS Mold Testing, LLC) and follows OSHA and CDC guidelines**


Keep in mind, initial disinfecting doesn’t guarantee that contagions are eliminated indefinitely – the best course of action before, after, and during the disinfection of infectious disease or viruses is to quarantine the sick, repeatedly wash hands, and to regularly (at least daily, if possible) clean all high-touch surfaces.